Our team consists of qualified experts with complementary specializations. The personal experience of each one of us plays a role in positioning the company as strong and reliable business partner. We share European vision of Energetics development that allows us to be successful in our main business operations and gives us the confidence of being efficient coordinator of CBG.

The already achieved targets and goals drive us to greater success!

2121  1  Meglena Rusenova
 1  Nikola Nikolov
 Chairman Supervisory Board
 1  Ivan Zagorchev
 Manger "Balancing Departement"
 1  Velizar Slavkov
 Electrical engineer
 1  Maria Shiderska
 Solar power plant operator
 1  Yasen Georgiev
 Electrical engineer                                                              
 1  Milena Staykova
 Administrative and Commercial Manager